What to wear: when I have nothing to wear

nothing to wear header


I usually try to plan my outfits for  at least 3-4 days ahead . Occasionally happens to change the outfit of day due to weather change or simply my mood changes 🙂 . Sometimes I can plan to wear a formal outfit and at  the last minute change it to casual. 
BOOM! The awkward moment of starring at the overflowing closet and thinking: I have nothing to wear; I honestly hate to waste time on thinking what to dress. In this case I always pull something  really simple and casual. Jeans are my favorite go to combined with a simple t-shirt or a blouse. The other option is a dress. 
The slim fit jeans I got from H&M, blouse by  Le chateau,shoes River Island, back pack by Columbia.
The dress I got from a thrift store a while back when I used to live in Montreal, Canada .



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