Lazy days: Relaxing mood outfits



Lazy days or relaxing days are the comfort  ´´food´´ for the soul and body . All of us occasionally need to pause and take a break to appreciate the things around us . Taking a long walk in near by forest or having a casual brunch with the people we love and  care the most. Sipping on a flavorful tea under a cozy blanket and reading a book  is my top favorite things to do on a relaxing day . The outfits during the lazy days are simple, effortless and mostly comfortable a pair of jeans, t-shirt, a warm scarf  combined with a furry statement piece. A tiny colorful hand bag for a pop of color.  A hoodie with denim shirt and jeans paired with boots.  Tell me guys , what are  your favorite lazy day-outfits?


  1. I prefer the Highland kilt (fèileadh Mohr,or Great kilt in English) the wind playing the hair of a beautiful lass cloaked in a tartan, standing on the over cliffs above the north Atlantic while puffens fuss over fresh catch. You, I believe would look legendary in such attire.:)

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