Snowy day

I can not belive that we are almost in  the middle of February , and there is just a month left until spring. Wohoo! This winter I decided  to change my wardrobe a bit ,instead of wearing the usual dark brown, black or grey colored jackets I invested in white one .


To be honest I love wearing the jacket . It is really cozy and warm ,but it does get dirty really quickly especially these foundation marks around the neck  area . So, I started  wearing the jacket  without foundation . In order not to wash it after each time I wear it. I honestly did stick to my black jacket and wear the white on special occasions.











  1. Wow, snowy season from Sweden, when freezing days around us besides comfortable and warm wardrobe a great espresso coffee and chocolate cake or table or bar is perfect cocoa no with milk so on…
    Keep out your body ‘flu or cold…

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